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When you build a house you start with pieces: a hammer, some nails, some wood.  You lay down your foundation and you start to build.

As the building process continues, it gets a bit more intricate.  Copper pipes.  Wires.  Window frames and door seals.  And if you don’t have any idea of how to handle those items then you are officially lost.  The quality of the building suffers.  Maybe it never even gets finished.  And you are left with a shell of what could have been.

So what does this have to do with the new movie THE SONG?


Let me explain. But first some background:

THE SONG is based on the Song of Solomon.  Woven in the beginning with the Biblical story of King David and Bathsheba and overlaying King Solomon’s writings in Ecclesiastes, the whole movie is an ode to Solomon… The wisdom, the kindness, the hopes, his failings, and his passionate heart.

But all of that equates into a beautiful love story.  A love story with joy, happiness, heartache and hurt between a young man named Jed King (ie. Solomon) and a beautiful young woman named Rose Jordan.

The movie starts with the story of Jed’s father, David King, and the trials, failures, and successes he faces as a famous country music star.  The beginning of this movie sucked me into the plot immediately.  Within the first 10 minutes there is love, loss, sex, drugs, death, life…  You are emotionally invested before you even begin to meet Jed King and follow him on his journey.

The story then turns to Jed King (Alan Powell –  lead singer of Anthem Lights), a struggling musician who is mostly popular due to his father’s name.  The handsome, passionate singer begrudgingly take a gig playing at the festival for a vineyard where he meets Rose Jordan (Ali Faulkner – “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”) and is immediately smitten but her beauty, innocence and faith.

Their romance begins the night of the festival with my favorite lines of the movie: “We are going to have more than one date,” Jed says to Rose.  Rose, with a shy smile, replies, “How do you know?”  Jed responds in confidence, “I know.”

Heart melted.

The SONG 4

Their sweet love turns to marriage and a baby.  Jed writes “The Song” for Rose; a beautiful serenade of love for her in every single word.  It takes over Rose’s heart and the world’s radio airwaves.  “The Song” catapults Jed to stardom.  His success grows greatly and confidently but his marriage begins to struggle with his days away from home on tour.  He begins to sacrifice his family’s needs to help his own notoriety and monetary gain.

And then enters Shelby Bell (Caitlin Nicol-Thomas – “Nashville”).  She is a sexy, intense violin player and singer who begins to open for Jed’s tour and vies after his affections.  The rest of the movie plays into the need for power, lust, greed and the outcomes that affect the King family.

By the time this movie was over there were tears.  Everywhere.

It got to me.

And if we get back to the building of the house, here’s why:

In the beginning of the movie, while Jed and Rose were still developing their love, Rose points out in a book a cute little chapel.  It’s perfect and white.  It’s topped with a stunning cross on the steeple and in the middle of a gorgeous field.

Rose tells Jed she always wanted a chapel like this… And someday she hopes to have one.  So, in a romantic gesture of love, Jed promises her he will build her one.

And he starts.  When they get married, there is simply the foundation and the framework of the structure in place.  Like their marriage, the chapel is in its beginning stages.  But it’s decorated beautifully in white tulle and flowers and nothing could be more lovely or hopeful.  It’s love at the start.

As Jed’s career takes off, the work on the chapel becomes stalled.  He tries to put up some siding when he can but he has tours to fly out for and albums to record.  He is still slowly building but life has gotten in the way of his progress.  It’s love when life hits.

Rose and Jed’s marriage becomes rocky at best.  He comes home for a time and tries to build up some walls and add in some windows.  She spends some time talking to him about her heart.  It’s love trying to recover.

And then the hardest of hard times come.  When it’s hard to see the sun through clouds and everything weighs upon your heart.  In one pivotal scene, scarred with hurt and sadness, Jed and Rose’s emotions are raw and their words are weighted.  Jed takes a spare piece of wood and begins to smash various parts of the chapel.  It’s love broken.

I believe that in real life love can be restored.  The chapel can be finished.  We can sit there when we are old and gray and sing the praises of how we were sustained and blessed.

But I will leave you to watch the movie and see if the King’s love can be restored or not.  However, I can tell you this movie’s metaphor of the chapel made me realize that marriage is like the building of this chapel.  A chapel is the home of God.  Our marriages start with a oneness of heart and in the center of it is God as we build our home.  We slowly start to build and add windows and doors, we add additions and paint… But at all times love needs to be building.  It needs to be continually building.  And we need to be building with Christ in the center of it all.

As I think about my role as a wife, THE SONG has inspired me to daily remind myself that love builds.  And what have I done today to build up my husband and my marriage?

Below is a trailer of the film.  Watch it.  Share with your friends.  Then please go see it when it comes out to theaters on September 26.  And then let’s all leave THE SONG remembering love builds.


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One thought on “Love Builds: why you need to see “The Song”

  1. Kuhl Harris

    That was a very well written “blog”. Very accurate as well. I have looked forward to seeing this movie since I first heard of it. I will. But, I’ll be going alone. My wife and I separated earlier this year and she has filed for divorce. I would give anything for her to go with me.


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