photo4“Count it all joy…” ~ James 1:2

the blithe life is…

Finding the joy in everyday life.  People always ask me why I named this blog, the blithe life.  Simply put, blithe means joy.  Let’s be real: life can be tough some days.  It can be messy, tired, worn-down, and hurting.  However, there can always be joy.  Always.

And so that what I want this little blog to be about: always looking for the joy in whatever circumstances, whatever trials, whatever blessings come our way… To count it all joy.

I want joy to be my theme in life; a theme so real people will see it on me.  And so that’s what this blog is all about.  This is not a blog about cooking, or fashion, or design…. but rather about life.  And more importantly, the fullness of joy from a life in Christ.  I am not perfect but I can promise you I will be real.

So welcome to my bit of everyday life, my everyday joy, captured in “the blithe life.”